Hank’s Platform

Platform that POPS:


People, Organizing, Political Reform, and Socialism

People have needs, and while it is not up to the state to provide for each individual’s needs, it is incumbent on the state to maintain the system so that people can access the resources they need. People need affordable housing, education, and healthcare. People are not machinery to be used up and discarded, but that is exactly what our current system is doing. We should provide opportunity for more people to share in the vast resources that are available in order to improve their lives, not just maintain a minimum existence. Our current system drives wealth and opportunity to the top while putting those at the bottom in prisons and poverty.

Organizing is the process of increasing the number and efficacy of people involved in maintaining the system. People tend to believe that voting is the end of political involvement, but it is only one step in the process. Knocking on doors and building relationships with people that are otherwise not engaged in the political process is an important step toward creating and maintaining a system that works for people.

Political reform is necessary to take power away from those who currently wield it and put it back in the hands of the people. Currently, our political system is designed to maintain the status quo. Who benefits from this? People and organizations with lots of money that spend that money to influence politicians. The politicians spend most of their time far away from the people they represent where lobbyists can easily reach them, but people can’t. The system is also designed to keep out progressives that would push our laws toward people and away from the massive corporations that have influence and power well beyond that of individuals. Ranked choice voting, public financing of elections, decentralization of political power are all important ways to reform our politics.

Socialism puts people first. It requires that we talk to each other and organize our power around the reforms that are best for us. It cannot thrive in a political system that is rigged toward those that control the flow of money and keep it from the vast majority of people.

Who is Hank Mollet

Hank Mollet has lived in Pomona and taught high school English in Ontario for 19 years. As a new teacher he became a board member for his local teacher association. Hank went on to serve as Treasurer and Vice President of his association. At the same time, Hank was elected represent his local union at the California Teachers Association. In this role Hank became chairman of the Adult, Alternative, and Career Tech Ed committee, a role he served in for 5 years. Hank has also served as a delegate to the National Education Association for 13 years.

Hank Mollet stays connected to his local community through involvement with a number of organizations that work to educate and involve community members to build people power for positive change. Hank Mollet has twice run for election to the school board of Pomona Unified School District. He was the first Education Chair of the Pomona Valley Democrats. He has served as a leader with the Inland Community Organizing Network. He is a member of the Inland Empire Socialist Party, the Pomona Democratic Society of America, and his local Indivisible chapter.

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